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Online NFL Betting Guide

Place your online bet through one of our top online NFL sportsbooks and WIN

Football season is perhaps the biggest time of the year for betting - because football is the hands-down favorite sport to bet on in North America. Betting on NFL Football is now easier than ever. The advent of internet betting allows you to place your football bet in just minutes. Try one of our recommended sportsbooks and experience just how easy it can be.

This Online NFL Betting Guide is based on the collective wisdom and experience of the principle staff of Phoenix Media Group and the designers of Online NFL Betting and derives from over 19 aggregate years of experience gambling online (including 14 aggregate years of recreational sports gambling, and 5 years of actually profitable professional play) as well as an additional 8 years of professional consultation in the sports gambling industry, both on and offline. Our unique position and experience in relation to the NFL betting industry allows us to offer this NFL betting guide with the utmost confidence that you, the player, will receive the same high quality of service and entertaining experience betting online that you would expect in a reputable land-based establishment in Las Vegas. Following are our 5 preferred outfits for online NFL betting, including full sign up bonus information so you can extend your NFL betting experience as long as possible. Finally, each NFL betting establishment mentioned herein holds to strict standards of honesty and reliability and takes pride in exceptional customer service. These companies are the ones that we not only recommend, but also wager at ourselves.




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Since 1996, BookMaker has been building a reputation among sports betting enthusiasts for first-class customer service. BookMaker offers safe, secure and legal betting on sporting events, as well as horse racing and online casino games from any location in the world by telephone, internet, or by BookMaker Mobile via cell phone, PDA or hundreds of other wireless devices 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

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Stop watching and start playing. Bodog elevates the fan experience by getting you involved in the game. All it takes is a simple wager.

Bodog is a complete betting site and features free NFL game previews and matchups, lets you compare NFL betting lines, and place bets ranging from a single game bet to a multi-sport parlay. And when you're done placing your NFL bet, you can stop by their racebook, try your hand at blackjack at the BoDog casino, or even take money from the other players at BoDog's reknowned poker room.

Bet online at BoDog Sportsbook.

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Diamond Sportsbook

Diamond Sportsbook provides customers with a consistent betting experience without all the Hollywood hype. No bull bonuses, truly competent customer service, and an extremely solid rewards program keeps their customers happy and coming back for more.

From the player who demands it all, including office pools, a poker room, horse wagering, and skill games, to the highroller who needs a no-nonsense high-limit book, Diamond Sportsbook has proven itself to be the perfect choice, by simply putting a premium on quality and service to every single on of its many players.

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JustBet has been serving the sports betting public since the mid 1990's, and throughout their operations they have retained a firm commitment to all the things that are important to players, such as: fair odds, prompt payouts, personalized customer support, great bonuses, and lots of wagering options.
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Intertops has been in business since 1983 and helped pioneer the online betting industry. A truly wide range of NFL betting options in many different languages, including props, futures, moneyline bets, point spread bets, etc. Payouts are fast and efficient and customer support is exceptional!

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How to Get Started Betting the NFL Online Tutorial

As many of you, our visitors, will have never tried NFL betting online, we have written this brief instructional piece so you can learn how to get started.

Whether or not you have ever placed bets with an actual bookie -- whether a legal bookie in Las Vegas or in any of the other jurisdictions that issue sportsbetting licenses, or a so-called "illegal bookie," you will have likely placed friendly sports bets over the game with your friends. If so, you already have NFL betting experience! While gambling online might be more sophisticated, you will find that sophistication to be very rewarding because of vastly increased betting flexibility.

To get started NFL betting online, you first need to choose an NFL sportsbook. We have listed 5 of the very best in this Online NFL Betting Guide. If you bet with one of the books listed here, you can be assured that the book is financially stable, has excellent customer service, allows a variety of ways to fund your account, and has an easy interface for placing your online bet. All of the books listed offer varying bonus policies, varying limits, and varying lines - so you have the opportunity to shop for the best NFL sportsbook for your particular interest and betting style.

After you have chosen your preferred sportsbook, you will need to sign up for an account. All of the books mentioned in this Online NFL Betting Guide have very simple, self-explanatory application forms, so we will not go into much detail about the actual sign up process here.

Funding your account, however, is one of the fundamental differences between betting online and placing bets with your friends or with your local bookie. Obviously you cannot place your bet money right in the online sportsbook's hand. But as technology has given us the wonderful gift of online betting, it has also provided a means to transfer money quickly and easily over the internet. Many sportsbooks accept Visa or Mastercard, and, for European clients, a variety of debit cards as well. For larger transfers, most NFL sportsbooks will accept bank wire transfers and Western Union, or even checks and money orders. Most North American clients will find, however, that the fastest and easiest way to fund your NFL betting accounts will be by using an online wallet. There are a variety of options available including Neteller and Firepay. Both of these companies offer a simple, yet extremely secure means of opening and funding an online wallet account. Once you have an online wallet it is a simple matter to both place your deposits with your chosen NFL sportsbook, and perhaps more importantly, to collect your winnings!

Free Tips

If you have gotten this far, your are now ready to LET THE GAMES BEGIN and bet the NFL to your heart's content.

Don't Give Away More Than a Touchdown in the NFL

It may work in college football, but laying more than 7 points in the pros is a sure fire way to empty your wallet. The difference in talent between two college teams is often large enough to warrant giving up double digits, but NFL matchups are rarely that lopsided.

Be Selective

Be realistic - what are the odds of you picking every game correctly on a given week? Be selective and look for the 3 or 4 solid games that you feel most strongly about having picked correctly. Don't try to come up with a wager on every game, simply for the sake of having some action going. And don't let the fact that a game is televised influence your decision to pass on it. It is okay to watch a game purely for enjoyment.

Don't Overreact to Blowouts

Quite often after a rout (especially on Monday Night games), casual bettors can't wait to jump on the winner and against the loser the following week. Don't fall into this trap - as the saying goes, "On any given Sunday ..."

Pay Attention to Strength of Schedule

It happens every year - in college and the NFL - teams post gaudy numbers for several weeks in a row against inferior competition. Eventually, they'll meet a tougher opponent, and chances are the line will be over inflated due to public sentiment based on the team's previous games. Pay as much attention to WHO a team has played as to HOW a team has played.

For convenient NFL betting deposits and withdrawals, try Moneybookers.

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